Some FIFA 17 cheap and practical national teams recommended

2017-06-12 14:10

FIFA 17 as a player game, the formation is a very important presupposition for many players. No good formation, no good performance. But if you don’t want to spend too much money on the game, which formation should we choose? Today I am here to introduce some cheap and practical national teams, and some small leagues’ formation. If you are interested at it, why don’t you keep on reading?



We can change Neymar to Bayern’s Costa. I have used this series for a long time, attacking midfielder Fabian and center striker Giuliano (I like him so much) make me feel very nice. Those 2 guys are so powerful, except that, there are 2 wingers are useful. Willian could be mixed with Primer League, around Fabian’s 2 CMs see to wiping out, especially Alan, he never feels tired and always runs.

Recommend: 4 stars



I put some unusual players to use. Center striker Belotti , he is quite nice in practical situations, header to shoot, only one shortcoming is his speed is not fast. It doesn’t matter, there is Giovinco around him. He is so powerful likes an atomic bomb. Including shot and changed dribbling, are top-class, nice price, he is worthy to be bought. I choose. Parolo is very good, Bonaventura sees to passing, he sees to wiping out. Berardi and Bernardeschi are put on 2 sides, I don’t feel so good at the present, maybe I am not good at fancy. In Italy national team has no outstanding left defender, maybe we could chose De Scigilo. There is one reason I choose this formation, Belotti, Bernardeschi and Florenzi’s hairstyle are the same, hahaha…. Actually, Manolas is the same to theirs, but he is Greek.



Tévez and Dybala’s positions could be interchanged, but lack of physical strength is his shortcoming, he should be replaced in the second half. Defense is this formation’s feature. Biglia sees to be handsome, Peraira sees to wiping out, 3 defenders are stabilize. Attacking mainly depends on front court 5 players. Left Perotti is nice, Di María also.



Center striker is this series’ only one shortcoming. Except Eto’o, other players’ operation feelings are all good. This formation’s LM and RM could be treated half wingback, black Podolski no not too much differences with golden. Even though LF lens is not flash golden, but in practical his performance are good. Obviously, I like Quaresma best, and this Turkey series is worthy to use.



Due to the formation, I use not well, so I have sold 2 valuable players. Now I wanna talk about my use feeling. Striker Dzyuba, bad weak foot, low speed, grouped with Giuliano being weak. I recommend left wing-midfielder and right wing-defender, the operation feeling is good, but it’s pity that they only could be used in Russia. Midfield left CM’s paper data is quite good, but the shortcoming is obvious. After 60minutes, his physical strength changes empty. But we could put Witsel on the bench to solve this problem perfectly. If you like this series, you can have a try.



Portuguesa national team are good, but the problem of them are too obvious, except Ronaldo, other players are not so good.