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FIFA 17: Enjoy the Smooth Gameplay

For the FIFA 17 games, it has been released for near three months since 27th November and gamer have a lot of different comments on this branded new game, however, the branded new game is satisfying. The EA company made the release of FIFA 17 quickly after the FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, and they feel it proud. And it turns to be such successful because the great effort made by the EA company to make the game to be the perfect version. And for FIFA 17, there are so many changes. In terms of various aspects. Check FIFA COINS ZONE to get big deals on cheap  fut coins.

And if you hope to have better experience on the FIFA 17 by controlling every situation of each ball freely, you can be meet the needs because there are so many branded new features added to improve the feeling of the gameplay in FIFA 17, which include Physical Player Overhaul, New Attacking Techniques, Set Piece Rewrite and Active Intelligence System.

In addition, there is a great improvement on the design of FIFA 17, that is the applying of the  Frostbite Engine, and this is the first time used by the EA company. Honestly, at the time when seeing the Previous Trail, most of the users felt so it surprising design because the scene is so delicate and the players operation is so smooth. After EA company released the FIFA 17, it really did not let us down, as it is so fantastic and it even broke the records of the sales of FIFA 13 and also beat the PES 2017 in the first week after being released. And it is known to all that there is a highlight added in the FIFA 17 also, that is New Story Mode “Journey”. The EA company makes every effort on making the game to be real as life in terms of many aspects. Buy cheap fifa 17 coins PS3 now.